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  • 08/30/2012 1:27 PM | Deleted user

    National Geographic Travel books is looking for insider tips to go along with their upcoming 2013 guidebook to California. Insider Tips are short (25-35 words), quick and informal--a not-to-miss experience, a great view, a restaurant tip, local food, transportation, music, etc.

    They appear big in a page, like a pull-quote, with the contributor's name, title/qualifications, and organization/media outlet below them.  Do you have any interesting facts to share?   

    Examples tips for the Brazil guidebook:
        "Don't pass up an opportunity for a night drive in the Pantanal. That's your best chance of seeing a jaguar as well as some other great wildlife." --Rhett Butler, Mongabay.com founder

        "If you want to try Hang Gliding tandem flight, São Conrado is the right place. Go early in the morning as in the afternoon the traffic jam to get out of it is awful." --Luiz Renato Malcher, Rio de Janeiro Urban Adventures manager

    We'd love any tips like this-- for Downieville, Sierra County, and/or Gold Country!

    Please email your tip(s) along with the information noted above (name, title, organization)to admin@sierracountychamber.com

  • 08/20/2012 12:16 PM | Deleted user

    Everything that you always wanted to know about photography but were afraid to ask! The photographers from the Gallery in Sierra City will be available on Saturday August 25th from 2 pm on, to answer any photography questions that you might want to throw at them!

    Want to move your camera off of "automatic" and learn how to use its more creative capabilities? Bring your camera and manual! Have Photoshop questions? You'll get answers. Interested in taking better travel photos? Wildlife photos? Questions about lighting? Composition? Consult an expert!

    Photographers Darby Hayes, Dee Wallace and Kathy Chow will be on hand for one-on-one consultations. Darby Hayes is well-known for his wildlife and landscape images, and his photos are found in the collections of numerous national parks, state museums and other venues. He also teaches wildlife photography at the SF State Field Campus. Dee Wallace’s long career in photography encompasses any years of teaching as well as commercial practice, and his stunning new metal print images of our are evoke the history and beauty of Sierra County. Kathy Chow’s nature-based abstracts have earned national critical attention, and he has had many years of experience in working with photography students. She is also known for her work in alternative processes and travel photography.


    Just want to look around at the new gallery with its collection of photos, jewelry, ceramic, fabric, wood and fiber art? The public is invited to the artists’ reception the same day, August 25, from 4-7 pm. Many of the gallery’s artists will be present, and refreshments will be served.

    The Gallery in Sierra City is located in the historic red brick Wells Fargo Building, 231 Main Street, Sierra City 530-862-1188. Summer hours are Fri-Sun 12-5 pm and Mondays 10 am-2 pm.

  • 08/15/2012 1:09 PM | Deleted user

    Once again the Sierra County Tobacco Use Reduction Program and Sierra County Friday Night Live conducted an annual Youth Tobacco Purchase Survey (YTPS) of all retailers in Sierra County selling tobacco products.  This year 4 of the 7 stores surveyed sold tobacco products to minors.  

    YTPS is used as a means of assisting tobacco retailers by informing them whether or not employees are following proper procedure and guidelines for requesting identification of underage tobacco purchasers. A sales clerk who correctly follows the proper procedures and guidelines for requesting identification during the purchase of tobacco products are assets to our communities. They help in reducing illegal tobacco sales to minors and help in protecting our youth from the dangers of tobacco use.

    Sheriff John Evans and Laurie Marsh, Health Educator, visited all of the retailers indicating whether or not a sale was made to a minor. During the visit they let the store owner or manager know that the Tobacco Use Reduction Program offers free Tobacco Retailer Training to merchants and their employees. The visits were made at the suggestion of the Sierra County Drug and Alcohol Advisory Board/Tobacco Coalition.

    Friday Night Live and the Sierra County Drug and Alcohol Advisory Board/Tobacco Coalition are looking to find practical solutions to the problem of illegal tobacco sales to minors in our communities because the sales rate to minors has increased over the last three years.  If you would like to participate in this process, please call 993-6745 or email prevention@sierracounty.ws.

  • 08/10/2012 12:15 PM | Deleted user

    The Auburn Journal just published a great piece featuring our beautiful area, highlighting  Herrington's Resort and Sierra City. The lead in reads (copied verbatim from Auburn Journal):

    "Sierra City--The area around Downieville is a great place to get away, to really get away, to literally get away.

    If you have a vacation in mind that really isn’t a vacation at all undefined you know, cell phone in hand, texting and talking away, keeping updated with the office on the laptop undefined then Sierra City isn’t for you because cell phone service and Internet connections are as rare as people and traffic in these parts."

    Check it out!

  • 08/02/2012 3:28 PM | Deleted user

    Very exciting-- Big Springs Gardens gets a great plug on Channel Fox 40 news "Know Your Neighbor" segment. They also plug Sierra City and explains where it is for all those people who think Gold Country and Highway 49 is only south of the I-80.

    It's a great piece, check it out (and share!): Video: Darren Peck talks about the Big Spring Gardens in the Sierra Nevada during his "Know Your Neighbor" segment.

    »Big Springs Gardens' website

  • 07/13/2012 11:31 AM | Deleted user

    Congratulations to Sierra County and Sierra County Chamber President Kathy Breed as well as to those that contributed to make this year's exhibit a gold medal winner and recipient of special award Best Use of Artifacts.

  • 05/30/2012 10:44 PM | Deleted user

    What in the world is a CSA? It stands for Community Supported Agriculture -- the local community buys shares in a small farm and get deliveries of veggies in return for their investment. Considering current interest rates and the volatile stock market, I consider this  a very well performing investment!

    The local CSA is the Ledson Family Farm in Camptonville, and they still have a few shares available. They deliver in Downieville and Sierra City along their way over to Truckee area. I think if people in Sierraville want in they'll deliver there too as it's along their driving route.

    The first delivery happened early this year thanks to our incredible weather, and last week's bag was nothing but heaping amounts of goodness. Their food is grown sustainably, eco-friendly, will all certified organic fertilizers and soil. Farm fresh is good for you!

    If interested, check out their program on their site: http://soilstock.com or check out their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SoilStock.Ledsons.Family.CSA.Farm
    I can strongly recommend it!

  • 05/08/2012 9:52 AM | Deleted user

    The Gold Country Broadband Consortium (GCBC) held a Kickoff Workshop on the topic of bringing broadband to our area.

    Their measure of success is the number of broadband connections made, and every connection counts. So they want to help make those connections, but they know they can't connect any of those they don't know about. 

    So, of you are having problems getting broadband where you live, or know someone else who does, please, let them know of your needs-- for you or for anyone you know. 

    Send GCBC an email directly (include the physical address for where internet is needed - send to sandy@sedcorp.biz) and encourage others in need to do so, too. 

    Help GCBC to help you and your neighbors by volunteering to be a neighborhood champion they can work with to facilitate a meeting in your community.  As they capture our collective commitment to adopt broadband service as soon as it is available, they can work with the ISPs to develop and fund the projects to deliver that service. 

    As an example of success of facilitating the connection of consumer demand to ISP supply, GCBC want to share the story of Brenda. They received a plea for help from Brenda Peters who lives near Colfax.  They quickly forwarded her contact information to an ISP known to serve her area.  They got an email from Brenda last week gushing with pleasure over her new broadband service (her email said she'd had it for a whole twenty minutes when she sent us her note!). Now, they may not be able to get everyone connected as quickly as Brenda was, but if they don't know of people who needs it, they won't be able to help at all.

    Sierra Economic Development Corporation
    560 Wall Street, Suite F
    Auburn, CA 95603

  • 04/17/2012 7:35 AM | Deleted user

    CHANGES!!!  The DC Circuit Court of Appeals has temporarily enjoined the National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) rule requiring the posting of employee rights under the National Labor Relations Act.

    As of April 17, 2012, the NLRB posting requirement was suspended until further notice due to federal court cases.  If you have posted the NLRB Employee Rights poster, you should remove it.

    For more information: http://www.nlrb.gov/poster

    As a valued business client of Alliance for Workforce Development, Inc., (AFWD) would like to remind you of an important Labor Law Posting Requirement Update:

    As of April 30, 2012, most private sector employers will be required to post a notice advising employees of their rights under the National Labor Relations Act. The notice should be posted in a conspicuous place, where other notifications of workplace rights and employer rules and policies are posted.

    To download/print the poster at no cost, click here »

  • 03/20/2012 2:13 PM | Deleted user

    Save the Date: Don't Miss This Free Event!

    Sierra Nevada Geotourism Celebration
    "The New Face of Travel"

    When: Friday, May 18 2012, 6:30pm - 8:30pm
    Where: California State Railroad Museum, Sacramento
    Click here to RSVP

    Join fellow Sierra residents, community members and tourism officials to commemorate 3,000 square miles of local culture, iconic beauty, and adventure that distinguishes the unique character of the Sierra Nevada. 

    The Sierra Nevada Geotourism Celebration will feature:
        •    Explore the California State Railroad Museum
        •    Taste Sierra Nevada wines
        •    Enjoy delicious locally grown hors d'oeuvres
        •    Meet your neighbors and "Sierra-Made entrepreneurs"
        •    Connect and engage at the Sierra Nevada Business Center  
        •    Learn about the future of Sierra Nevada Geotourism
        •    Pick up your free SNGT print maps, stickers and promotional items!!  
    This event is to thank everyone who participated in the Sierra Nevada Geotourism Project, and recognize all that we have accomplished since 2009. We would like to acknowledge your contributions to the project as well as the work of the Geocouncils, Sierra Nevada Conservancy, Sierra Business Council and National Geographic.

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